Registered Charity Number: 511721

What we Do!

Why Yatton House?

At Yatton House you are our priority. Our person centred approach means we work with you to create opportunities tailored to your specific needs and aspirations. Our outcome focused programs of activities and learning opportunities ensure you embark on a fulfilling journey allowing you to progress and realise your full potential. The activities available to you are aimed at enhancing wellbeing, promoting independence and providing opportunities to learn new skills which may lead to volunteering or paid employment.

Community engagement is a fundamental element of our service Members have the opportunity to take part in a range of offsite and community based activities alongside those hosted at Yatton House. The following is an overview of activities we organise.

Art & Craft
Let’s Go!

What You Can Expect

When you become a member of Yatton House we will work with you to understand your needs and set you off on one of our outcome focused Learning Pathways.


Our Wellbeing pathway is structured to meet health and social outcomes through a therapeutic approach. You will grow in confidence through participation in group activities aimed at enhancing your creativity, inclusion, sensory awareness and fitness.


Our Independence pathway offers outcome based skills development and learning across a range of activities aimed at building your confidence and ability to live more independently. You will learn practical skills and be encouraged to share opinions and take part in, and lead, group discussions.


On our Enterprise pathway you will develop Relevant workplace skills leading to volunteering and employment opportunities you will learn skills that can be applied across our digital marketing platforms and horticulture and other enterprise.

Transport Service

Transport Service – We are able to provide an escorted service for members living in North Yorkshire and within a 15 mile radius to Yatton House.

Taxis – Some members choose to use a taxi service, we are able to provide you with details.

Arrival & Departures – We operate a soft start to the beginning and end of each day, this provides time for each member to arrive. People are able to attend from 8.40 – 3.30pm Monday – Friday.

Closures – We operate 49 weeks of the year, closing bank holidays, Easter and Christmas.