Registered Charity Number: 511721

Who are We?

Yatton House Society

Yatton House was started in 1981 after parents and carers had concerns that after statutory education there were no facilities available locally in the form of day care for people with a disability. After many meetings with Social Services Yatton House was born providing follow on support for school leavers. The Centre has evolved over the years to help develop learning opportunities for individuals with Learning/Physical Disabilities who live in the North Yorkshire and Teesside areas.

Yatton House Society

Is committed to developing the individual with a learning/physical disability by initiating and organising activities aimed at maximising individual progression.

Our Vision

For people with learning/physical disabilities to have the same opportunities and to be able to live happy healthy lives, that are free from discrimination and prejudice.

Our Mission

To provide real life opportunities for our members that incorporates four key principles of rights, independence, choice and inclusion.

Our Values

  • We are kind to others.
  • We are inclusive of everyone.
  • We are brave we challenge and try new things.
  • We are positive in our work and with each other.
  • We are passionate about making the world a better place.

Our Commitment to our Members

We will:

  • Create an environment where people feel safe.
  • Treat people as an individual.
  • Listen to peoples views.
  • Encourage participation.
  • Provide opportunity.
  • Develop independence.
  • Promote positive well-being.
  • Treat people with dignity.
  • Respect peoples rights.
  • Work in partnership.
  • Respect peoples beliefs and culture.